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Nurture Groups


Gardening Club

We also offer different types of nurture groups for children such as a gardening club which takes place one afternoon a week. Children who find it difficult to socialise with others, or have low self-esteem, have behaviour needs, have suffered from a trauma, have anxiety and need some time out to do something in the outside area. Gardening clubs gives them time to talk to other children in a different environment where they work together as a team. They have to listen to each other, take turns and share responsibilities and roles. The children really enjoy this time especially when they have been looking after plants for a term and see them grow into something quite special.

Social Skills Groups

We also offer social skills groups throughout the school for children who need support with communicating and interacting with other children. This will be as an intervention in the afternoon once or twice a week with a small group of children. A maximum of 6 children are in the group. The children will play games, talk to each other, listen to each other, take turns and share. An adult will guide the children with different activities each week. This again really helps certain children who struggle to communicate and interact in the classroom. It can give them strategies to help outside as well as with talking to others.