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Year 3 News

On this page you will find all the News from Years 3.

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  • Year 3: What are horizontal and vertical lines?

    Published 13/06/24

    This week the children have started to learn about our local area and the borough of Sutton, many of us were shocked at just how large a population it has. Every week the children have been taking part in their Spanish lessons and it is amazing to hear how confident they now are in talking about their likes and dislikes as well as when their birthday's are! We started an experiment in Science about which recycled materials make the best plant pots and are eagerly waiting to see our plants grow.

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  • Year 3: How did you make your 2D cardboard shapes stand up?

    Published 06/06/24

    What a brilliant start to the new half term! Year 3 have all come back focused and ready to learn for our final half term. We have started a new writing unit where we will be looking at writing a biography about William Kamkwamba; the children have been amazed at his resilience and determination. Our new Art unit on 3D sculptures interested everyone and we had a great discussion about whether Robert Morris's installation Bodyspacemotionthings at the Tate Modern counted as Art!

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  • Year 3: Can you perform our poem for your family at home?

    Published 22/05/24

    We have had a busy week again to finish off the half term. We all finished our diary entry star write and the children have really excelled themselves with their ideas! At the end of the week, we read the poem ''Cosmic Disco" by Grace Nichols and thought about our tone, actions and volume when performing it in groups on Friday. We were able to finish our learning about the Shang Dynasty, having discovered all their incredible achievements and ultimately what battle ended their reign! 

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  • Year 3: What did we learn about Buddhism on our trip?

    Published 15/05/24

    Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed our week with our special trip to the Buddhist Temple in Wimbledon. We were very lucky to hear a talk and we definitely learnt a lot. We are also coming to the end of our Fractions unit and we have been so impressed with how hard-working and dedicated the children have been throughout this topic! 

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  • Year 3: What are the different stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant?

    Published 09/05/24

    In Year 3 this week we have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a flowering plant and coming up with drama/actions to remember the steps. It linked perfectly with our art, where the children are gaining confidence and patience to sketch and draw flowers in detail. 

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  • Year 3: What ambitious words or phrases did you use to describe the jungle this week?

    Published 01/05/24

    This week the children gathered an extensive bank of vocabulary in English which allowed them to write their own independent descriptive paragraphs. We also finished our topic in Maths of Capacity. The children are also really enjoying our art topic of sketching, taking real time and care to shade and sketch accurately.

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  • Year 3: If you were alive during the Shang Dynasty, what role would you have liked?

    Published 25/04/24

    This week in Year 3 we have continued to learn about our new History topic and we have already started to make some amazing comparisons back to Ancient Egypt! We have enjoyed writing descriptive paragraphs about the Firework Maker's Daughter and have worked hard to include ambitious vocabulary. 

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  • Year 3: How long do you predict it will take for our flowers and celery to change colour?

    Published 18/04/24

    It has been lovely to welcome everyone back this week for a focused, full week of learning! We have particularly enjoyed setting up our Science experiment about how water is transported through a plant - the children are excitedly observing the plants waiting for them to change colour! 

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  • Year 3: What nonsense items did you include in your poem?

    Published 28/03/24

    What a busy final week of term! We have written some amazing nonsense poems and the children have worked really hard all week! In Forest School they made an Easter tree which has brightened up our corridor. One highlight was definitely completing the Easter Egg Hunt and meeting the Easter Bunny!

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  • Year 3: How did we use programming in D.T?

    Published 20/03/24

    This week we have revisited our D.T and started to consider how programming can be used to enhance new products! The children very excitedly started to work on this and showed great resilience. They also had a brilliant Tuesday morning engaging in 'Personal Bests'. The children had a fantastic time and it was lovely to see them all supporting each other.

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  • Year 3: Can you sing our Ukulele song to your family at home?

    Published 13/03/24

    This week in Year 3 we have been really focusing on our reading skills and unpicking vocabulary in different texts, it is always exciting to be able to use the chromebooks to help us with this and to share our ideas with others. We started fractions in Maths and the resilience and positive approach the children has shown has been fantastic! 

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  • Year 3:How well did our rafts float in Forest School?

    Published 06/03/24

    This week the children have been working exceptionally hard to finish all of their booklets, we are very proud of their effort and determination throughout these. In Forest School, the children were very able to test out their rafts to see if they floated and were very excited to see the results! We finished our travel guides on Egypt in English this week as a star write and we definitely have some very persuasive students in the year group. 

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