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Reception News

Here you can read all about recent activities taking place in Reception.

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  • Reception: What happens at the Changing of the Guard?

    Published 16/05/24
    This week the children in Reception have been continuing to explore London. They have made maps, built landmarks and a particular highlight was the changing of the guard, who were protecting their queen as she sat on her throne!
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  • Reception: How do you hail a taxi and how will you know if it is available?

    Published 09/05/24
    So Reception have started their journey to London this week. The highlight of our week was to have a real London Taxi in our playground so we could see how big it was up close. We all learnt how to hail a taxi and what to look for, on
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  • Reception: What do you need to make bubbles?

    Published 02/05/24
    This week the children in Reception have been learning about bubbles. They have watched a story, designed a bubble machine and experimented by making their own bubble wands.
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  • Reception: What building material would you use to build a house and why?

    Published 26/04/24
    This week, the children in Reception have been heard saying lines such as: 'Little Pig, Little Pig, let me come in.' and there has been a deal of huffing and puffing as they have attempted to build houses strong enough to withstand a wol
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  • Reception: When do Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr?

    Published 18/04/24
    This week the children have had a fabulous week learning about the Muslim Festival of Ramadan and Eid. They have also been learning number bonds of 10. They have learnt a new song to help them (to the tune of Row, row, row your boat): 9 and 1 are
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  • Reception:Can you retell the Easter Story?

    Published 28/03/24
    This week the children in Reception have been learning about the Easter Story.  They have  created Easter Gardens, waved Palm leaves and celebrated the Last Supper. They might have also seen the Easter Bunny...
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  • Reception: Which is your favourite planet and why?

    Published 22/03/24
    This week Reception have been very busy learning about all the planets in the solar system. They have learnt about what the weather is like on the planets, whether they are made of gas or rock, whether they spin fast or slowly as well as many other f
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  • Reception: What facts can you remember about the moon?

    Published 15/03/24
    This week the children in Reception have learnt about how astronauts get into space and why they are weightless when they are there. They have enjoyed learning many new words as part of their visit to Drawing Club as we read Whatever Next by Jill Mur
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  • Reception: Can you describe your journey to school?

    Published 08/03/24
    This week in Reception the children have been thinking about journeys. They went on a special trip to Mrs Bell's office and the children were able to use directional language to explain how they could get back to the Reception classes. They
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  • Reception: What is the difference between a Penny Farthing bicycle and a bicycle you would ride today?

    Published 01/03/24
    This week Reception have been learning about different ways we can travel to places. We have also compared vehicles from today with vehicles from the past. On Friday we started learning the art of Whittling. That was great fun.
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  • Reception: Should Goldilocks have gone into the Bears' house? Why not?

    Published 23/02/24
    A highlight this week was a hunt around the school for objects that are taler or shorter than we are - which promted some interesting discussions about some things being taller than the children but shorter than the adults - so are they tall or short
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  • Workshops for Families on Transitions

    Published 21/02/24

    Please see the following attachment.

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