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Reception News

Week beginning 20.09.2021

What sounds do s, a, t and p make?

In Reception this week we have been looking at the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. It has been lovely listening to the children retelling the story using props and including the story language from the book. We have been thinking about our families and why they are special and the children have beautifully articulated just why they love members of their family. They made photo frames using a variety of collage materials and produced some very creative pieces. In their frames they have put a picture taken of them at their All about me session with Mummy and/or Daddy and they have been very proud of their work. This week the children have begun their reading and writing journey as they have started to learn some phonic sounds. They have really enjoyed our phonic sessions, especially the game 'What's in the box?' We have been so proud of how hard they have worked at learning the new sounds (phonemes) and how much effort they have put in when learning to write the letter (grapheme). Well done Reception. 

                                                                          Image result for monkey puzzle


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