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Reception News

Here you can read all about recent activities taking place in Reception.

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  • I Don't want to Play Nicely

    Published 09/06/23

    What makes you a good friend?

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  • How would you subtract or take away in Maths? Can you give me an example?

    Published 26/05/23

    Please enter an introduction for your news story here.

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  • The Three Little Pigs

    Published 19/05/23

    What would you use to build your house and why?

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  • The King's Hats

    Published 12/05/23

    What happened in the coronation?

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  • We Completely Must Go to London

    Published 05/05/23

    Can you tell us about somewhere you have visited in London?

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  • The Gingerbread Man

    Published 28/04/23

    Where have the Gingerbread Man been seen this week?

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  • Samira's Eid

    Published 21/04/23

    What is fasting? How would a Muslim use a prayer mat?

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  • The Easter Story

    Published 31/03/23

    What can you remember of the Easter Story?

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  • The Angel and the Dove

    Published 24/03/23

    How many ways can you make 10?

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  • Mother's Day

    Published 17/03/23

    Why do we celebrate our mothers on Mother's Day?

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  • Whatever Next

    Published 10/03/23

    Can you find any 3D shapes at home?

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  • What happens on a journey?

    Published 03/03/23

    How many different ways can you make 10 using two numbers?

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