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Reception News

Here you can read all about recent activities taking place in Reception.

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  • Reception: Why do Jews light eight candles at Hanukkah?

    Published 30/11/23
    The children in Reception have learnt about the story of Hanukkah and why Jews celebrate it every year. They have made candle flame headbands, which they will wear to sing a song about Eight Little Candles in a school assembly. Find out what else we
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  • Reception: How could you build a cosy place for an animal to hibernate?

    Published 23/11/23
    This week the children have been learning about animals that hibernate. We have been finishing decorating our diva lamps, which will be ready to take home soon. We have been learning which numbers make three. We had an exciting morning on Wednesday w
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  • Reception: Can you retell the story of Rama and Sita?

    Published 16/11/23
    The Reception children have been exploring Diwali and learning the traditional story behind the festival as well as making their own festive decorations! They have also been learning nursery rhymes for World Nursery Rhyme Week and dressed up as
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  • Reception: Why do some people wear poppies?

    Published 10/11/23
    This week Reception children have learnt why we celebrate Bonfire Night and have made firework pictures. Later in the week we learnt about why people wear poppies at this time of year. They used different materials to make poppies and read stories ab
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  • Reception: What ingredients would you put in your soup?

    Published 03/11/23
    In the story Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Cooper, Duck, Cat and Squirrel learn to share responsibilities when making their amazingly tasty soup. We made our own pumpkin soup this week, by chopping many vegetables and learning to use knives carefully. We al
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  • Reception

    Published 20/10/23

    What can you tell your family about puffins?

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  • The Leaf Thief

    Published 13/10/23

    Why were the leaves disappearing from the trees?

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  • Autumn is here...

    Published 05/10/23

    Why did the Butterfly not understand that the Monkey's Mum looked like him?

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  • Monkey Puzzle

    Published 29/09/23

    Which part of the Monkey puzzle is your favourite?

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  • Our Class is a Family

    Published 21/09/23

    Can you tell your family about your new class?

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  • Our First Week

    Published 14/09/23

    What has made you smile in Reception this week?

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  • I want to win!

    Published 14/07/23

    What was your favourite event on sports day, and why?

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