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Year 5 News

Here you will find all about recent activity in Year 5

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  • Year 5: What did you learn about using a compass?

    Published 12/06/24

    We have a great week back in the classroom after our wonderful camping experience. We are all a little bit more tired than usual, but that hasn't stopped us getting stuck into learning. 

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  • Year 5 Update Next Week...

    Published 07/06/24

    With lots of children out on residential this week, and many other children doing loads of fun things in school, we will catch up with all the various different highlights from Year 5 next week!

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  • Year 5: What do you know about David Attenborough?

    Published 21/05/24

    We have had a brilliant last week of term! Learning all about Sir David Attenborough was fantastic; the children produced some amazing Fact Files about him. Have a lovely and safe half term break.

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  • Year 5: What inventions were invented during The Victorian Era?

    Published 11/05/24

    What a great week to be in Year 5! The children have started writing a blog in character as Archie from our wonderful class book 'Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow'. 

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  • Year 5: What have you learnt about The Industrial Revolution?

    Published 07/05/24

    A lovely albeit a short week in Year 5. The children really enjoyed looking at primary and secondary sources, which provided them with more information on the impact the Industrial Revolution had on people's lives. 

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  • Year 5: What was life like for Victorian children?

    Published 29/04/24

    We started off the week immersing the children into life in a Victorian school. All the children looked brilliant, dressed up like Victorian children, and they all completely got into the spirit of the day. They had a taste of just what school life would have been like 120 years ago and surprisingly, some children said that they liked how strict the teachers were. 

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  • Year 5: Who was Queen Victoria, and what was her impact on the British Empire?

    Published 21/04/24

    We have had a brilliant week in Year 5! Our best lesson was our wonderful History lesson where the children learnt all about Queen Victoria and the British Empire. They now have lots of knowledge about this important period in British History. Please ask your child about it as this will help with their retention of knowledge. 

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  • Year 5: How does a flower reproduce?

    Published 17/04/24
    This week has been a brilliant first week back. The children have returned from Easter break ready and eager to learn. A highlight has to be our fantastic lesson on sexual reproduction in plants. The children produced some amazing work. Please see Ap
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  • Year 5: What can you recall about Lent and Easter?

    Published 27/03/24

    This week, the children completed their D&T project; their finished pop-up books are incredible!  They also published their brilliant narratives based on our class novel Floodland. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday. 

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  • Year 5: What did you learn from making a pop-up book?

    Published 20/03/24

    The children have been continuing to work on their D&T project  'Pop up mechanism in books!' They have been really busy bringing their designs to life and can't wait to show everyone their finished products. 

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  • Year 5: What did you like about the Easter Experience?

    Published 13/03/24

    Year 5 had a wonderful time visiting North Cheam Baptist Church this week, where they were involved in The Easter Experience. The children definitely demonstrated The Dorchester Values on this outing, as the children were all beautifully behaved and respectful.  They showed their enquiry skills through the very thoughtful questions they asked after the re-enactment of the story. We were very proud of the children. 

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  • Year 5: What did we learn from what went wrong in our science experiment?

    Published 06/03/24

    This week's highlight has to be learning about water resistance! Lots went wrong but we also learnt lots about water resistance and streamlined shapes! What would you do differently next time?

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