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Nursery News

It is very busy in our Nursery classes.  On this page you can keep up with everything that is going on, see all the different ways our children learn and have a look at their amazing work.

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  • Use Your Imagination 25/11/21

    Published 25/11/21

    How would you use your imagination to escape the wolf?

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  • World Nursery Rhyme Week 18/11/21

    Published 18/11/21

    What is your favourite Nursery Rhyme and why?

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  • Bonfire Night 11/11/21

    Published 11/11/21

    What sounds do fireworks make?

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  • Lighting a Lamp 04/11/21

    Published 04/11/21

    How is Diwali celebrated?

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  • This is Our House by Michael Rosen-21/10/21

    Published 21/10/21

    Can you describe yourself and a friend? What is similar about you and them and what is different?

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  • Lost and Found-Oliver Jeffers 14/10/21

    Published 14/10/21

    Who are your friends in Nursery? Why are they good friends?

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  • Bee Kind

    Published 07/10/21

    What can you do to be kind to somebody else?

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  • Getting to know you.

    Published 30/09/21

    Can you name some of your new Nursery friends?

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  • Developing Independence-24/09/21

    Published 23/09/21

    What did the Hungry Caterpillar eat?

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  • New News 17/09/21

    Published 16/09/21

    What is your favourite story?

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  • Nursery News 10/09/21

    Published 09/09/21

    What have you enjoyed most about starting Nursery?

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  • Nursery Update 22/7

    Published 27/07/21

    Can you retell the story of the Gigantic Turnip?

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