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Year 2 News

Here you will find all the news articles from the Year 2 Team.

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  • Where is the Kalahari Desert?

    Published 08/06/23
    This week, the children have begun learning all about Southern Africa. We explored where the Kalahari Desert is, and what it looks like on a map. In English this week, the children have been learning how to accurately use commas in a list. In Maths,
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  • What are the effects of exercise on the human body?

    Published 11/05/23
    Another week of SATs down - this week the children completed their Arithmetic and again, have showed us a lot of resilience, patience and care towards their work. In English, we have started to look at the format and language used in a newspaper
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  • What is a collage? How will we create one?

    Published 04/05/23
    This week the children have been amazing. They have been so sensible and positive towards their first set of SATs booklets, and now most of the children have finished both Reading papers - well done Year 2! Around the booklets, the children have
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  • What are the stages of a human life cycle?

    Published 28/04/23


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  • What happened during the Great Fire of London?

    Published 20/04/23
    This week in English, we have looked at Sammy the Street Dog as a text to develop the children’s understanding of the Great Fire of London. The children have been practising writing different types of descriptive sentences, which will
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  • What shall we do about the dragon at our school?!

    Published 23/03/23
    This week we had lots of visitors to the school! We started with an assembly from a poet, Matt Windle, who taught us some top tips for writing and performing poems, as well as some beatboxing tips. Not long after we had gone back to class, we got an
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  • What are the important events of Holy Week?

    Published 17/03/23
    This week have been so resilient and have worked very hard, especially around all the changes there has been this week. In Maths, we finished looking at measurements of weight and volume, and the children are ready to move onto measurements of length
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  • What is the difference between grams and kilograms? What about litres and millilitres?

    Published 09/03/23
    This week the children have worked so hard to complete their Maths, Reading and SPaG booklets. We are very proud of the effort that they have put in, and we are looking forward to sharing their progress with you in the upcoming Parent’s Evening
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  • What is inside a seed?

    Published 03/03/23
    This week, we have explored what a balanced argument is and thought about why the wok could be seen as a good or bad character in our story, The Runaway Wok. This is to prepare them for their star writes which they will be completing next week. In
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  • What goes into a balanced diet?

    Published 23/02/23

    Can you remember any examples of our 5 groups: fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy, oils/ spreads and proteins?

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  • What has been your favourite toy fact that you’ve learned this half term?

    Published 09/02/23
    This week has flown by! As you will probably be aware, we had an inspector from Ofsted who came in to school on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Year 2 children were amazing, helpful and polite throughout the week, and particularly when they were being obs
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