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Year 2 News

Here you will find all the news articles from the Year 2 Team.

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  • Year 2: What have we learned about the Great Fire of London?

    Published 14/05/24
    Firstly, we would just like to say thank you to everyone who helped out and supported us on the trip to the Tower of London this week. The children were very sensible and safe, and most importantly had a brilliant time. We even had comments from memb
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  • What makes a good friend?

    Published 09/05/24
    This week in PSHE we looked at what makes a good friend. The children were encouraged to reflect on what they liked about their friends, but also what made them a good friend too. Qualities such as kindness and helpfulness came up a lot, as well as b
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  • Year 2: What are the different sources of food? Why are farms important for food chains?

    Published 30/04/24
    This week, the children explored how farms are used to produce different types of food, from plants to animals and their products. For example, eggs are produced by chickens, milk from cows etc.  They then took part in a carousel of acti
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  • Year 2: What do Muslims believe about Allah?

    Published 25/04/24
    This week, the children started on their new RE topic about Islam. We are looking at the important figures in Islam, starting with Allah: Muslims believe in one God, who is called Allah, who created everything. Allah has many names, but there are
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  • Year 2: When did the Great Fire of London start, and what caused it?

    Published 18/04/24
    This week, the children have started learning all about the Great Fire of London, through History and English. In History, the children had to listen to the events of the story: The fire started on Pudding Lane on September 2nd 1666. It lasted for 5
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  • Year 2: What do clear instructions need to include?

    Published 27/03/24
    This week, Year 2 have been learning about instruction writing. We explored what makes good instructions and what doesn't, by first making jam sandwiches. We identified that if instructions weren't clear, our sandwiches weren't going to b
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  • Year 2: Design a bug hotel - what features will your microhabitat need?

    Published 21/03/24
    This week we have reviewed what a microhabitat is and how they might be different for a variety of animals/ insects. Microhabitats can provide alternative food and water sources, shelter and climate than larger habitats. Small animals such as insects
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  • Year 2: What features are there in a formal letter?

    Published 14/03/24

    Year 2 have been learning about what features there are in a formal letter. These include the recipient and sender's address, the date, a formal greeting and sign off and paragraphs. We have also learnt about how to use emotive language, questions and compound words and have used them in our Star Write. The children had to write a letter to Mayor Wibble Wobble of Toytown asking him to fix the bridge so that the toys could go to the Grand Opening of the theatre.



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  • Year 2: What are microhabitats and why do creatures live there?

    Published 05/03/24
    This week, Year 2 have been out in search of minibeasts, and the microhabitats they live in.  "Microhabitats are a very small part of a habitat e.g. a space between rocks. Microhabitats can provide alternative food and water sources
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  • Year 2: How do we create an algorithm?

    Published 29/02/24
    This week we learned what an algorithm is - a set of instructions that a machine will follow. The children were exploring how this works, by using the Bee Bots. We had to use the direction buttons on the Bee Bots and ensure that they travelled to the
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  • How long have toys existed?

    Published 22/02/24
    This week, we looked at lots of examples of early toys, including Ancient Greek yoyos from around 2500 years ago. Other examples of early toys are spinning tops, marbles and dolls. The children were asked to look at examples of toys throughout t
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  • Year 2: What is life in China like?

    Published 08/02/24
    To finish our topic work on China, the children have spent the week learning more about Chinese life and celebrations. We learned about Chinese languages, and had a go at writing some numbers and words. We learned more about the culture in China, as
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