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Year 4 News

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  • Year 4 - Read all about it!

    Published 13/06/24
    Read all about it here! - well, in our Star Write books. This week we have put our best journalistic skills to the test in researching and writing a newspaper report about Henry VIII's break from the Catholic Church and his marriage to Anne Boley
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  • Year 4 - Do you think Henry should be allowed a divorce from Catherine of Aragon?

    Published 06/06/24
    We have become detectives this week, finding the real reasons why Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon. We are going to put these to good use over the next few weeks to write a newspaper article on the scandal that was the reformatio
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  • Year 4 - What is our favourite new thing we have learned this half-term?

    Published 24/05/24
    This week we finished our William Morris inspired prints. We thoroughly enjoyed this whole process. This week has mainly been about reflecting on our learning this half-term, by completing double page spreads for Coast Geography topic and Electricity
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  • Year 4 - Which is your favourite William Morris design?

    Published 17/05/24
    Inspiration for our art work this week has come from William Morris. We have looked at his patterns and prints as well as his life. Did you know that William Morris lived and worked locally in Wimbledon?We will be using this inspiration to create our
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  • Year 4 - What impact do humans have on the coast?

    Published 10/05/24
    This week we have really thought about how we can prevent damaging the earth around us and actually do something to prevent damage. As humans, we are not great at looking after the world, but Year 4 this week have really thought about the impact of t
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  • Year 4 - What a stink!

    Published 03/05/24
    As promised last week, news about our Star Write. We have been writing a persuasive leaflet to our local MP about the situation with sewage still being pumped into our seaside resorts all around the British Coast. Did you know that 83 beaches are cur
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  • Year 4 - Our talents shone bright this week!

    Published 26/04/24
    One of the highlights this week was creating circuits to make a bulb light up. We looked at the different parts of the circuit and how we could make a bulb brighter. The week ended with one of our talented Year 4 children getting bronze in the school
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  • Year 4: Mindful start to the term.

    Published 19/04/24
    We have had a great start to this new half-term. Right at the beginning of the week we designed and made LED timers for a mindfulness activity. We used our best technical skills as well as our creativity. We have started learning about the features o
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  • Year 4 - So what have we learned this term?

    Published 28/03/24
    We have been busy this week rounding up our learning for this term, enjoying Easter assemblies and the highlight for some of us was performing in the Teatime concert. Everyone has worked really hard this term, and so whether you are going away, or st
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  • Year 4 - What would I see if I went in a church?

    Published 22/03/24
    The highlight of our week was taking a short walk in the sunshine to visit Christchurch with St. Philips Church in Worcester Park. The Reverend Hannah set up an exciting treasure hunt for us to find different features of the church. We even discovere
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  • Year 4 - Would you prefer to be Athenian or Spartan?

    Published 15/03/24
    Over the last two weeks we have looked at what it would have been like to be a child in Ancient Greece. The two main social groups were based in Athens and Sparta. As a year group, we decided that that if we wanted an education it was better to
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  • Year 4 - World book day - How to go on an adventure without leaving your chair!

    Published 08/03/24
    This week we got to dress as a favourite book character with the theme of Journeys. We came to school dressed as our favourite characters, including Anne of Green Gables, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Horrid Henry, Gangster Granny, dif
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