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Why we love Maths at Dorchester Primary School

At our school we see Mathematics as being enjoyable, creative and linked to real life. As teachers and pupils, we are always celebrating mistakes too! Why? Because making mistakes means we are learning.  

Through our passion for Mathematics and the clever use of specific manipulatives, our lessons are engaging and stimulating. Whether we are sharing slices of pizza or chocolate bars in our teaching of fractions or making equal groups with flowers, balloons, cupcakes or even sausages in our teaching of multiplication, our lessons use real-life problems as their foundation. The use of real life resources support our children's understanding of concepts and develop their use of Mathematical vocabulary. 

At Dorchester Primary School we follow the mastery approach within our teaching of Mathematics. This means that children are given opportunities to master maths topics, developing a deep, long-term and secure understanding of each topic taught. Using the Power Maths scheme, recommended by the DfE, means our students have a clear progression across concepts and opportunity to deepen their understanding through additional activities. Lessons follow a clear progression from year to year and from lesson to lesson over units of learning.

Here is what some of our children say they enjoy about maths lessons!

  • “I enjoy the challenge questions because then I try new things and there are loads of solutions to figure out the answer”
  • “Learning new things and failing so I can keep on trying and so I know what I need to work on”
  • “Challenging myself”
  • “That it is all patterns”

Below you will find links to:

  • Our maths policy;
  • Our calculation policy which outlines the key stages when children learn to add, subtract, multiply or divide;
  • Yearly overviews for each year group. Years 1-6 are based on the Power Maths textbook scheme, a scheme approved by the government in 2018.