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Make Bath Time Fun!

We've been making the most of our gym membership in the last week and have been swimming almost every day.  With a possible hose pipe ban looming and a paddling pool with a puncture anyway, swimming has been our go-to activity to keep cool.

However, we have done some really fun water related activities at home this week including having a real focus on bath time and using it as a time to play as well as a time to clean up at the end of the day.

Here are some of my bath time tips:

1) Use non-bath toys in the bath - sounds simple but it's so effective.  Choose carefully as the toys still need to be waterproof, but it makes a great change and novelty to include character toys, cars, play food - anything really - in the bath.

2) Gelibaff / Slimebaff - I get mine from the middle aisle of a certain very cheap supermarket when it's available and I'm sure the other supermarkets sell it too, or you can get it from toy shops in real life / online.  A whole pack lasts us a couple of baths.  It's a powder you add to the bath water to turn it into goo and then you add a second powder which disolves it back to water.  There are eco-friendly packs so make sure you choose those specifically.  A shower is definitely required afterwards! (If sitting in it isn't their thing, make some up in a deep tray and play in the garden instead.)

3) Also requiring a shower afterwards is shaving foam paint (pictured below) - mix a couple of drops of either poster paint or food colouring (both work equally well) into shaving foam and let the children paint the bath tiles.  Cheap shaving foam is a lovely sensory play base generally actually.  Again, for those waterproof characters it makes fantastic snow.  As paint, a little colour goes a long way so add it gradually and don't worry about stains.  It washes straight off bathroom tiles and the shower screen with just water so we do this as a pre-bath activity and wash the children and the wall at the same time.  Actually, the children helped this evening which was a bonus as bathroom cleaning is nobody's favourite job.  My children also paint themselves when we do this which is pretty funny to watch.  Just make sure you have a non-slip bath mat down as soapy feet are slippery.

4) Disco baths - Bring some music into the bathroom, turn off the lights and use any flashing toys / glow sticks / torches (even a cheap mini disco light) to let the children have a party in the bath.  This is another firm favourite for my children!

5) Potion making - Go on a wild flower hunt or pick some flowers from the garden if you don't mind doing so, use up a bouquet that you were bought for a birthday or anniversary once it's passed it's best - put the flowers and foliage in the bath water with a couple of pots and pans, perhaps a ladle or serving spoon, whatever you have in your kitchen.  It's lots of fun!  You could also add some herbs, lemons, essential oils, all of which would add to the sensory experience.  Top tip - choose lavender for a pre bath relaxation!