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Lego Based Therapy

We also offer Lego-Based Therapy for children who need more support with social skills.

What is LEGO®-based therapy?

LEGO®-Based Therapy is a collaborative, play based social skills intervention designed to improve social competence in children with social difficulties. Groups are run by a trained facilitator – Mrs Paula Hayes and children are encouraged to build together within set roles. Each child plays the role of an ‘engineer’, a ‘supplier’ or a ‘builder’ and together they follow pictorial instructions to build a model. The assignment of roles allows the children to practise social interactions in a safe environment, and encourages the development of skills for social interaction. Sessions also include opportunities for more natural play in the form of freestyle building. The role of the facilitator is to promote positive social interaction and skills for social competence.

How often will LEGO®-Based Therapy happen?

Sessions occur once per week in school, and last for approximately 30-40 minutes. The programme will run for 12 weeks (a term).

How will I know if the intervention is right for my child?

Most children find LEGO®-Based Therapy to be a positive experience and they really learn how to work with one another. Many of the children can take this skill back to the classroom however there are some children that do need more continued support with social and communication skills.