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Forest School

Forest School sessions have been a fantastic chance for the children throughout the school to get away from screens and learn a range of skills developing teamwork and communication.  Forest School supports our school values of responsibility, enquiry, self-belief and perseverence.

What do the children say?

"I loved learning to build a den.  We had to be quick before the storm came but we also had to make sure it was waterproof."

"I like being able to care for the chickens."

"It's great fun!"

"Forest school teaches you all about nature so we know what we can do to look after it!"

"We learn how to take care of ourselves and others."

In our dedicated Forest School area, the children learn to recognise different plants and trees, build shelters, make art from natural materials, care for the animals - both in the wild and our very own chickens - and work in teams.  They even learn to (safely) make a camp fire!