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Enrichment Activities

At our school, our curriculum takes children anywhere and everywhere; through our curriculum, we want our children to have the confidence to know that they can achieve anything and realise their dreams.

Buzz Club

New to our curriculum for 2022-2023, Buzz Club is an exciting enrichment programme aimed at providing greater depth students with a guided series of challenging and meaningful activities that will raise aspirations and increase confidence. The sessions sit outside the regular curriculum and are project based, linking with real life scenarios and focussing on discovery, open-ended exploration and freedom of choice. The students develop complex skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork, communication and critical thinking.

Some of the projects during the pilot year: 

  • Settling on the moon - including architecture, engineering, branding, leadership and democracy

  • Renewable energy - including solar robots, wind turbines and hydroelectricity

  • Advertising - including market research, filming and editing

  • Enterprise - setting up their own businesses for a market day


We have also done mini projects for national events such as: Protect Our Planet Day, the 75th Anniversary of the NHS and Deaf Awareness Week.


Pupils say:

“I absolutely love buzz club. It has helped me feel more confident doing work, and it is really fun.”

“It was really fun doing all the fun activities with other classes that I haven't really befriended before Buzz Club. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the experience!”



Parents say:

“Making kids think out of the box, challenging them, building confidence.”

“It’s a great opportunity to do group discussion and group activities with various students. In addition, she had incredible experiences from business planning to making a happening as the last project. She did more practical thinking through this real opportunity. Many thanks.”

“Thanks for providing a great experience and opportunity to the students!”


11+ Tuition

Lots of our children each year go on to grammar and other selective secondary schools.  We have a great ambition that the 11+ exam, which can be daunting, should not be a barrier to the children showing they are capable for these schools.  Therefore we proudly offer 11+ tuition as an additional course that parents can enrol their children in.  Our specialist teachers run English, Maths and Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning sessions before school.  These small group sessions give children a chance to work together and individually in order to practice the skills specifically for the 11+ and sessions are available for children in Years 4 and 5.