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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Dorchester Primary school is embedded in exciting and engaging cross-curricular lessons as well as large, whole school projects. In Early Years, children have daily access to tools and equipment and are actively encouraged to be creative through a range of activities as well as specific teaching of the curriculum skills. In KS1 and KS2, children are given the opportunity to research existing products, design, create prototypes and finally build their finished product while being encouraged to reflect on their choices and evaluate throughout the process.

At Dorchester, we value making purposeful links and providing real experiences for our children and often work with our local community or other organisations to further develop the children’s design and technology skills and to give them real life projects that will benefit all.


Design and technology lessons at Dorchester aim to give all children a firm foundation to complete everyday tasks and to enhance their problem-solving abilities. The children will develop the skills to be discerning about their choices of materials and equipment and will be able to justify their choices. They will also learn how to be self-reflective and to be able to critique their own work in order to find ways to improve. Children will also learn the basic skills to be able to prepare and cook food safely and hygienically. Lastly, Design and Technology lessons will foster children’s creativity and encourage imaginative and unique ways of thinking and working in order to enable them to make contributions to our world in the future.