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Netball this week

Read about how our Year 5s took part in a Netball Development Competition, and how our Year 6 Netball A and B teams both smashed Cheam Fields!



Year 5 Netball Development Competition   

3rd Overall

The extremely windy conditions did not lend themselves well to playing netball, and the score lines were maybe affected by this, but nonetheless the Dorchester team did themselves very proud. This was the first opportunity some of these players had to play competitively out of school and they really rose well to the occasion. The tournament was a 5 a side round robin format and saw Dorchester play 5 games, of which they won 3 and drew 2. It was a real achievement to stay unbeaten, particularly in 5 a side where all players have to rotate around the positions adapting their skills to shooting, attacking and defending in equal measure. To finish third in a field of 12 schools was an excellent result!

Congratulations to Matthew, Lily, Isobel, Neve, Nuwaira, Lusinda and Gkalena.

A and B Netball vs Cheam Fields 

A Team Won 5-2

The weather was extremely wet but this luckily didn’t dampen the spirits of our netball teams or our loyal supporters who braved the weather to cheer the children on.

The A team played first and the game was end to end for the opening few minutes. Dorchester, having opened the scoring and settled into a 2 goal lead, battled hard for possession in centre court. Turn overs in our defending third helped to maintain our lead and Paige and Emilia combined well together to keep the ball in our circle and extend the score line.

It was a great team effort and they coped extremely well with some new combinations we were trying out.

Very well done to Paige, Emilia, Macey, Evie, Brooklyn, Amelie, Hannah and Safiyya.

B Team Won 4-0

The B team game was at stale mate for several minutes but Dorchester kept winning the ball and working it down to Carson and Scarlett in our shooting circle who shot well and were unlucky on a number of occasions for the ball not to drop our way and build our score line by more goals. Everyone played their part in this game, marking well, and there were some lovely passages of play where the ball was moved down court fluidly. A special mention must go to Alba though, whose turnovers from the WA position were outstanding and her contribution overall really stood out in this game. As an aside, the B team remains unbeaten this season, which is a real achievement.

Very well done to Scarlett, Carson, Alba, Aldea, Hailey, Hei and Hanisk.