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Who did you choose to represent on our World War 2 Day?

Tuesday saw us coming in outfits centred around World War Two, to continue our exploration of this fascinating History topic. We had military costumes, evacuees and Land Army Girls, to name but a few. A huge 'well done' to all who put in the effort to research and resource a suitable costume; it really helped to inspire and motivate the children. We completed a range of activities throughout the day, including hiding under tables when the air raid siren went off, finding out more about the Blitz, learning about different types of planes, practising marching, VR headsets and learning about Alan Turing and codebreaking. But the absolute highlight was when the children found out they were going to be 'evacuated' to other rooms around the school for a short time! Some were treated very kindly and some were not. They returned, full of their experiences, which they were keen to share with their classmates. Empathy, which is one of our school values, was very much enhanced through this experience, as they considered the fortunes of those who had genuinely been evacuated during the war. Many thanks to all parents and carers, who helped to provide costumes and also the staff at DPS, who hosted 'evacuees' and helped to enhance their learning.nter some content for your news story here.