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How accurate was your prediction in our Science experiment?

We're fabulous at being scientists!

In Science this week, children used their 'working scientifically' skills in an experiment mimicking the observations that first drove Charles Darwin to devise his theory of evolution. They had to predict, carry out an experiment, record results and summarise. Darwin's observations of finches and the adaptations of their beaks to suit the food available, was replicated in our classrooms using small equipment such as elastic bands, paper clips, macaroni and a selection of 'beaks' like plastic spoons and tweezers. The children collaborated well and enjoyed putting their scientific skills to good effect. In Maths, we have been perfecting our long division skills and applying them to different challenges. In Computing, we have been talking about keeping safe online and the dangers of cyberbullying. In English, the children have been writing their Star Writes about a rainforest creature, which they researched earlier in the week.