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How can dialogue advance the action in a story?

Year 6 News

Our English focus has moved onto the fantastic book by Michael Morpurgo, 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. We have begun to explore the first few chapters this week, pausing to have an in-depth look at dialogue and its purpose Moving the story forwards is a key aspect and we have been finding out ways to do this effectively. In Maths, we have linked our learning to our Science topic about the Circulatory system and investigated the effect of exercise on the heart. We practised finding our pulses and then found our resting heart rate and compared it with after a series of exercises. The data was analysed and a series of graphs and charts were drawn to accurately represent the data. There followed a discussion about which type of pictorial representation showed the difference the most effectively. Our rehearsals are really stepping up now and the children are working very hard to perfect their roles.