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How have you ended your story about the mystery of Flannan Isle?

Year 6 News

Over the last two weeks, we have been exploring the real-life mystery surrounding the events on Flannan Isle - a small island off the coast of Scotland that took place over a century ago. The children have been keen to discuss the evidence surrounding the strange disappearance of the three lighthouse keepers and the theories and possible endings have been hotly debated. Then, they have worked very hard to write the story, including their own idea for the ending, and we are [proud of the results. Some very powerful descriptions have been included, using a wide range of figurative language. In Science this week, we have continued our studies about the circulatory system and looked at the lungs, with the children still buzzing about their dissection of lambs' hearts last week. Play rehearsals have continued this week, and we have begun to rehearse together as a year group, rather than just practising separate scenes. It was lovely to see how the first few scenes were received by their classmates - much applause and laughter at the many jokes could be heard. In Geography, we are continuing our study of Dorset and the use of Ordnance Survey maps has created exciting discussions.