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Which has been your favourite decade since WW2?

Year 6 News

This week, Year 6 have been completing their Star Write, based on a short video, 'Alma'. We have explored various suspense techniques and how authors use them to draw the reader in and to 'hook' them. The children have worked hard to include some of these, and we are all proud of their results. This week also sees the end of our History topic about Britain since the second world war. In pairs, the children chose a decade to research and they have presented  their findings in a 'double page spread', showcasing a timelines of major events, two aspects of British life and a short biography of someone famous from that decade. They have chosen people like David Bowie, Maragaret Thatcher, David Beckham and Paul McCartney and considered their influence on British life. Play rehearsals have been continuing this week, and we have been working on ensuring children understand the humour behind some of their lines. After half term, we begin acting too!