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What will your role be in our play 'Aladdin Trouble'?

Year 6 News

There has been much excitement this week, as the parts in our end-of-year production have been announced and the children finally know who has which role. We have already begun work on learning some of the songs, which are being taught by Tom, our specialist Music Teacher, and the children are enjoying singing together. In History, we have been looking at a key moment in British life since 1945: the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the role that television had in allowing the public to witness this piece of History. This is all the more relevant, as we approach the coronation of King Charles III next weekend. In PSHE, we discussed using mobile phones safely and the children thought of some Tops Tips to ensure they are safe. The children have also been working very hard in preparation for SATs in just over a week's time and we are extremely proud of them.