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What shocked you most about Britain immediately after the war?

Year 6 News

We have begun our new History topic this week, which follows on from our prior learning about World War Two. We look at Britain since the war and how it has become the country we live in today. The children have been finding out about the creation of the NHS and how valuable this part of British culture is. We have also been looking at the changes since it's birth in 1948 and some of the career options within the NHS. In Maths, we have been revising various areas of learning and combining some to solve problems. In English, we have focused heavily on Grammar and Reading and the children are becoming much more confident and aware of the need to work efficiently. But the big excitement of the week, has definitely been Auditions for our summer production of 'Aladdin Trouble'. Approximately half of each class volunteered to try out for a part in the play and have acted and sung solo in front of some of the Year 6 staff. We are very proud of them, as this takes a lot of courage. Once final deliberations are completed, the results will be announced and rehearsals can begin.