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What did you learn was important when making your model playground in D & T?

Year 6 News

This week, Year 6 have been working with a partner to build a model playground, that had to meet certain criteria. Something had to move, there had to be something to climb and something had to swing were just three of the features their playground had to include. They worked really hard, using lolly sticks, wood, craft straws and pipe cleaners, as well as saws and glue guns to create their playgrounds and are proud of their results. Writing has featured heavily this week too, as the children have completed their latest Star Writing, which has been an explanation about Fair Trade - linking to our Geography topic of Global Trade. Monday saw the children outside all afternoon, participating  in the termly Personal Bests activities and competing into he inter-house competitions. They all worked hard to remember all the skills they have learnt in PE and use them competitively. The FODS Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday made the children have to use their brains to solve clues all around the school and they were suitably rewarded at the end.