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How did our class poem help you think about Fair Trade?

Year 6 News

As part of World Poetry Day, we were fortunate to have a visit from Matt Windle, Birmingham's Poet Laureate. He helped each class to create a poem based on Fair Trade - this links to our Geography topic of World Trade. The children rehearsed and performed their class poem in a special assembly, and they thoroughly enjoyed showing the other year groups what they had created. It was a great unifying moment for the children too. Fair Trade is the subject of our latest Star Writing too, which involves an explanation text and formal writing. The children are also using Passive Voice and Relative Clauses in this text. In Maths, we have been looking at Ratio, Proportion and Scale Drawings. Some of the children questioned the need for this as Google Maps helps us significantly. We were able to introduce them to the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme for when they are older, when the expedition does not allow for any mobile device and the ability to read a map is crucial! They may also encounter these skills in Scouts, Guides, Boys and Girls' Brigade. Of course, being in places where there is no signal ,renders such devices useless, so this is an important life skill!