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Which country's exports did you research and what did you find out?

Year 6 News

In Maths this week, Year 6 have been exploring the area of various 2d shapes, such as triangles and parallelograms. The children have been cutting out these shapes and finding out about the formulae to calculate the area. We have also been learning about the volume of some 3d shapes and using cubes helped to explore and explain how to calculate the volume of cubes, cuboids and some random shapes too. In English, we have begun our next unit of work, which is to write an explanation text about fair trade; this links perfectly with our Geography topic of Global Trade and the children have been finding out about why it is so important. They have been considering the global effects of not having a trading system that is fair and why that must change. Also, as the adults of the future and making crucial decisions, it is vital they understand the need for sustainability to protect our world.