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What surprised you about where your clothes come from?

Year 6 News

Our current Science topic of Electricity proved exciting this week, when the children could carry out the experiment they planned in last week's lesson. The question they were investigating was 'How can the brightness of a bulb be changed?' and some groups added more batteries, whilst others more bulbs. As well as the knowledge of the answer, we were also looking at their 'Working Scientifically' skills; could the children analyse their results are draw accurate conclusions? Yes, they could! In Geography, we have been looking at the global supply chain and the children were amazed to discover where cotton comes from. After much studying of clothing labels, a great discussion was had about how our clothing is produced and how it gets to us. The children have also been exploring some of the UK's highest grossing exports. They have used Maths skills to draw accurate bar charts to show this. This also led to an interesting discussion about possible future careers. In English, the children have been writing newspaper reports about the murder of King Duncan in 'Macbeth' and considering the use of cohesion in their writing, to link sections together and ensure that their wiring really does flow smoothly.