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What did you enjoy most about completing your World War Two project?

Year 6 News

We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the quality of the World War Two Home Learning projects that the children in Year 6 have brought into school this week, or shared with us online. The children have worked extremely hard over the last few weeks to research and present as aspect of the war that particularly interested them. Topics include Rationing, the Blitz, D-Day, Pearl Harbour, tanks, aircraft and fashion. Some very interesting projects have been based around family members' war stories. Some children have been able to research their family member and discover fascinating and sometimes poignant information, which has helped them to have a much deeper connection to their own family and to their historical understanding. They have learnt so much through these projects and not just about the war. Research skills, creative approaches, perseverance, art, planning, diligence and even electrical skills have all been developed during these fantastic projects. The children are enjoying sharing their projects with the rest of their classmates and children in other year groups are also gaining much inspiration from admiring them on display in the corridors, helping them to aspire to create projects just as amazing, when they are in Year 6.