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What was the most surprising fact about World War Two that you discovered during our topic?

Year 6 News

Children in Year 6 have been learning about how to create atmosphere in their narrative writing this week. They have been exploring how to use adjectives, adverbs and punctuation to create different effects, and they've discovered how one word can change the entire mood of a story. Precision vocabulary has very much been in their minds as they have completed their Star Writing based on our world War Two picture book - 'Rose Blanche'. Our History topic has come to an end and the children have been showcasing their learning since January - we are very impressed with the outcomes and the children are proud of all they can recall and understand. Many children have been so inspired by this topic that they plan to continue to find out more about particular aspects that interest them. In Computing, the children have been exploring the need for safer Internet use and how to ensure their online activities keep them safe. In Maths, we have begun a new unit of work about metric units, picking up from where they left off in Year 5 and continuing to convert between different units of measure, in more complex problems.