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How will your version of 'Rose Blanche' end?

Year 6 News

In Maths this week, we have been continuing to explore Algebra and using the inverse to solve problems. The children have had to think carefully and use multiplication tables to succeed. Some have made excellent use of our learning partners to both support and challenge each other. We have begun work on our next piece of independent writing in English and the children are predicting the ending of our World War Two picture book, 'Rose Blanche'. They have many theories and are keen to retell the final stages of the story with their own, unique ending. We have been exploring how speech can be used to show characterisation and to advance the action. Some have also been exploring how speech can be used to create tension in a story. In Science, we have been continuing to explore Light and how the size of shadows can change. Working scientifically was a key part of this week's lesson and being able to record accurate measurements and then evaluate them was crucial. Amethyst Class have enjoyed Forest School this wee, and have been using saws to begin creating their bird boxes.