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What surprised you about the location of some WW2 bombs in Sutton?

Year 6 News

In History, the children loved exploring a website showing them the location, timing and type of bomb that fell in Sutton during the second world war. None fell on the site of our school, but many roads very close by did suffer direct hits. They were keen to find out if a bomb fell near to where they currently live - a number will be going for a walk to see the exact sites! It caused much discussion and the realisation that our locality was very much affected by the Blitz, hit home. This is one way we make our curriculum personal to our local area. In RE, children have been finding out how Jews worship at home. The Mezuzah, Shabbat and Kosher rules have all been explored this week. Amethyst Class had a fascinating trip to Wimbledon Synagogue, which really helped them to deepen their understanding of some of their in-school learning. Lavender and Purple Classes will be visiting after half-term. We have also paused to reflect on Holocaust Memorial Day (Fri 27th Jan). In Maths, we have begun the new area of learning of Algebra and the children have been getting to grips with a range of problems and challenges.