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What is the difference between the angle of reflection and the angle of incidence?

Year 6 News

In Science this week, Year 6 have been investigating a challenging question - which is the question above! They had to use protractors to measure the angles made by the torch and a straight line, once they had understood the difference between the two angles! They persevered and revised Maths skills too. In RE, the children have been finding out about different Jewish texts their names, origins and purpose. This will be very helpful when each class visit a local synagogue over this term, as they will be able to have a better understanding of the sacred texts that they see there. Our learning about Percentages in Maths, comes to an end this week and the children have worked hard to apply their understanding to a range of problems. In English, we are finishing off and editing a recount of the beginning of the World War Two story, 'Rose Blanche' and the children have really excelled themselves in striving to write at a high standard. They are also editing their work carefully, to ensure it is the best they can do, and that it truly showcases all they know about writing.