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What did you learn on World War Two Day that you didn't know before?

Year 6 News

Tuesday saw evacuees, soldiers and Land Army people boldly entering school, carrying gas masks, ration books and an array of 1940s hats and helmets: World War Two Day in Year 6 was an eagerly anticipated event, with 1940s music, 'We'll meet again' and air raid sirens being heard sporadically throughout the day.The children learnt about Evacuation and wrote detailed answers about the reason for it, when it happened, where evacuees were sent to and how. We studied photos from 1939 and read first-hand accounts. We also watched the beginning few minutes from 'Narnia', which portrays the Blitz and the need for protection. Later on, the children discovered that they too were going to be 'evacuated' around the school! With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, small groups made their way to various destinations: what would they find when they arrived? Upon their return to Year 6, the children were keen to share their differing experiences. This gave them a very different view of how it must have felt to be evacuated. The rest of the day was spent using VR headsets, reading a wartime play script and finding out about Alan Turing and how his vital work shortened the war and save millions of lives. A spot of code-breaking also went on! A great day, which the children will remember for a long time.