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Which fact about 'Rose Blanche' surprised you?

Year 6 News

The children have returned to school very week after the Christmas holiday and have settled quickly to work. Our History topic of World War Two has had an exciting start and the children are so enthusiastic to show what they know and to learn more facts. We have begun by looking at what caused the start of the war and the contribution of World War 1 to the outbreak of World War Two. Some of us have also been considering some of the major events that happened between Hitler coming to power and VJ Day. The children have used Chrome books to discover the impact of  the attack on the US Navy at Pearl Harbour; the reasons why Evacuation began before the outbreak of war; the size of the Allied attack on D-Day and the miracle of the Dunkirk evacuation. Our English work links perfectly to our History, as we are reading 'Rose Blanche', a story set in Germany about the war from their perspective. Our Science learning about Light saw much fun and exploration using torches this week, where the children tried to prove that light travels in a straight line. An excellent start to the new term - well done Year 6.