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What aspect of sewing did you find challenging?

Year 6 News

Our Design and Technology project has taken up a lot of our week and the children have had an opportunity to practise one of our school values - perseverance. Their task was to design and sew a waistcoat for either a person or a soft toy of their choice. Some chose to make a waistcoat for their friend and the discussion of England manager Gareth Southgate's waistcoats, has also featured heavily! For some, sewing was a relatively new skill, whilst some children are experienced sewers. They have all been able to develop new skills and many have learnt about sewing on buttons and making buttonholes. The need for consistency in size of stitch has been crucial to ensure their waistcoats are securely made. The children are proud of their achievements, as are the staff. In English, the children have been using the short film 'Prep and Landing' to write instructions for Santa's elves in the preparation of a house for the Big Guy's arrival.