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Can you remember what 'MRS GREN' stands for? (Hint: Science!)

Year 6 News

Our new Science topic, Classification, started with much humour, as we considered the difference between living and on-living things. The children were able to recall much of their previous learning about reproduction, plant growth, food chains etc so they could learn the correct scientific vocabulary for the seven processes of life. It certainly sparked interesting discussions. In English, we have begun reading the book 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', which a number of the children already know quite well. They have been doing some excellent descriptive writing, about Count Olaf's house, using a range of ambitious vocabulary. Our Fractions unit of learning in Maths, has seen the children multiplying and dividing fractions confidently and many of them have got onto the Super Star Challenge and been really proud of their achievements. We have also begun our new History topic about the Ancient Maya and the children have found out so much already, about their food, gods, temples and the brutal game of Pok-a-Tok.