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How can we protect the rainforest, yet still benefit from it?

Year 6 News

In Science, the children carried out a very interesting investigation, to help with their understanding of Evolution. Using a variety of objects posing as the beaks of birds, such as spoons, scissors, toothpicks and tweezers, they had to see which 'bird food' they could scoop up the fastest. The 'food' was a mixture of elastic bands, paper clips, marbles and dried pasta. Different shaped 'beaks' managed different 'bird food'. The conclusion was that if a food type became unavailable, birds with certain beak shapes would have to evolve to survive. Much discussion as well as enjoyment was had by all involved.In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering fractions, using knowledge from previous year groups and multiplication tables facts. In English, we have been writing persuasively about deforestation. Many children were surprised to learn just how much coffee the UK alone consumes and how we need to plant sustainably for this to continue. We also discussed how deforestation is a global problem, which our children can influence when they become adults and become the decision-makers of the future.