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How did you control the rabbits in the Evolution simulation?

Year 6 News

Our Science topic of Evolution and Inheritance was brought alive this week with a very exciting computer-based simulation, in which then children could control various elements which would affect the number of generations of rabbits. They could allow wolves to enter the game and control the food source. They could also allow the rabbits to evolve, so they could be better protected from predators. A considerable amount of data was included, with graphs and charts to show the number of rabbits alive in any one generation. This really helped the children to understand the important concept of the topic. It was great fun too! In English, we have been considering how to write to inform an audience, including the use of formal language and the passive voice. This has been challenging, but the children have risen to the occasion. This is in preparation for a non-chronological report about a rainforest animal of their choice next week, which will form their second Star Writing of the term. In Geography, we have been considering the different layers of the rainforest and which animals and plants have evolved to live at different levels - linking our Science and Geography together.