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Which 'Peter Pan' song is your favourite and why?

Year 6 News

The children have worked so hard this week, to write an ending to the real-life story of the mystery of Flannan Isle. They have enjoyed creating a variety of different endings and discussing possible outcomes. Working hard to include all the writing features from across their primary education has been challenging, yet it is a challenge they have risen to well. This has definitely been some of the best writing the children have ever written, and we are very proud of them. We have also been rehearsing various scenes and songs for our end-of-year production, 'Peter Pan' and the children are improving their acting skills. They have been learning harmony parts to some songs too, to add an interesting effect to their performance. In Science, they are learning about the circulatory system and how the lungs work. The children have been building working models of the lungs to help their understanding.