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Year 6 News

What was the conversation you wrote about, based on 'The Piano'?

We have been taking inspiration from a short film, called 'The Piano' this week, which has shown an elderly gentleman playing the piano and reminiscing about events from his life. Many of these events were sad, but the film did end on an optimistic note. The children have enjoyed exploring the various themes within the video and have written some very insightful conversations between the different characters. Also, this week, Year 6 have all spent time with their Little Friends in Reception, helping them with various Platinum Jubilee activities. These included: writing cards to Queen Elizabeth, making bunting and icing cakes. This has helped both the older and younger children build relationships. In DT, we have been repurposing old fabric to make a tissue holder. The measuring, cutting and sewing required a lot of patience, perseverance and resilience, as we backstitched by hand. Many of the children have either learnt brand-new skills or honed their already existing skills this week.