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Which has had the biggest impact on British society - the television or the mobile phone?

Year 6 News

This week, Year 6 have had a big writing focus, linked to our History topic of Britain since World War Two. We have looked at the development of the television and the mobile phone and also considered which has had the biggest impact on life in Britain. There was a very interesting and passionate discussion, with well-reasoned arguments on both sides. Eventually, minds were made up and the children chose to write a persuasive speech about which was the best. They have had the opportunity to use persuasive techniques and a range of data to present their case. A number of children chose to write persuasively on topics of their own choice, such as various climate change issues, feminism and equality. In Maths, the children have been using a variety of maths skills to good use in a logic puzzle, which has taken all week to solve. It certainly has been quite a challenge and the children were very keen to find out ‘whodunit’ at the end of the week.