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What aspect of our History topic have you enjoyed the most?

In Year 6 this week, we have had a big Maths focus, looking at various aspects of Geometry. The children have enjoyed drawing shapes, using a protractor to measure angles and learning some new facts about angles, as well as revising previously known terminology. They have had many opportunities to apply their knowledge to a variety of problems too. Perhaps the most important fact they found out was the need for absolute accuracy in all these skills, especially when measuring and drawing angles and shapes. The children have also been showing off their writing skills in their Star Writing. They have enjoyed finishing our World War Two topic with an explanation of how Britain changed and incorporating formal language and technical vocabulary. We have also spent time considering the Easter story and its significance to Christians. The children have been considering the range of feelings that various characters would have felt, such as despair, jubilation and guilt etc. They explored synonyms for some of these emotions and then related them to art and shades of colours.