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What elements of World War Two are you including in your explanation?

Year 6 News

In Science this week, Year 6 have planned and carried out a complete investigation about the size and shape of shadows and how the distance of the torch to the object can change it. They enjoyed thinking like scientists and measuring precisely. Analysing the results and describing them proved an interesting opportunity in some cases, to consider what might have gone wrong and why experiments are worth repeating, to ensure consistency. In History, we have been concluding our learning about World War Two and many children have shared their fantastic Home Learning projects. We are very proud of all the children have learnt this term about this major historical event, and it has provoked some thoughtful questions about the current conflict in Ukraine, as a comparison. This week has seen the launch of our new houses at DPS and the children have enjoyed competing in their new houses for the first time, in a series of sports. The beautiful Spring weather made it all the more enjoyable.