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What are the colours of the rainbow in order?

Year 6 News

In Science, this week, the children have been exploring how white light is actually made up of 7 colours, which are the colours of the rainbow. They found out how a prism can split white light into the 7 colours and many already knew how raindrops act as a natural prism when sunlight shines through them - creating rainbows. We made colour spinners to try to show this. In English, the children have been learning about explanation texts, in preparation for our next Star Writing linked to world War Two. The children are genuinely looking forward to writing about this topic, as we bring it to an end, giving them a opportunity to showcase all their knowledge in a fantastic piece of writing. They have also been showcasing their Maths knowledge this week, and we are impressed with their progress and their determination. In PE, the children have been developing their volleyball skills and have enjoyed playing small games, allowing them to put into place all they are practising.