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What surprised you most about the changing role of women in World War Two?

This week, Year 6 have been exploring the changing roles of women both during World War Two and afterwards. They have explored some of the jobs they undertook to support the war effort and then considered what happened when the war was over. The children were shocked to discover some of the attitudes that existed and took part in a lively discussion around how the role of women has changed since the war. This is a theme we will be continuing to explore in the Summer term, as our History topic looks at Britain since the war, right up to current times. In Maths, we have been continuing to apply our knowledge of area and perimeter to increasingly complex problems. This has allowed us to discuss and teach one of our pillars that underpin our entire curriculum: Learners for Life. By giving the children opportunities to practise challenging problems, we can show how by 'chunking' a large problem into smaller, achievable tasks that we can do, can help us to learn more. In Science this week, we have been exploring how reflections happen in our topic about Light. The experiment allowed us to revise our protractor skills to measure angles, that the torchlight bounced off the mirror.