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Year 6 News

Murderous Macbeth!

We have been exploring the story of Macbeth, by William Shakespeare and the children have been fascinated by the famous tale of witchcraft, treason, murder and ghostly goings-on! Next week, we will be showing off our writing skills in a newspaper report about the murder of King Duncan, so we have been practising using formal language, the passive voice and relative clauses this week in preparation. In Math, we have been continuing learning about Area and Perimeter and solving some increasingly complex problems. The children have certainly had plenty of practice of our current school value of perseverance. They have had to think logically through problems, work collaboratively and call on a variety of mathematical skills, in order to solve the challenges. In History, we have been considering the role of women in World War Two and how they stepped up and took on jobs to support the war effort, learning many new, valuable skills. We considered their vital role in the war.