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How will your version of the 'Rose Blanche' story end?

We spent Tuesday afternoon exploring Chinese New Year, when we began by learning geographical facts about China. We then found out more details about how the festival is celebrated. Making Chinese dragons tested cutting and folding skills as well as following instructions, but we got there in the end! In History, we have begun finding out about the Blitz. Listening to an air raid siren caused Amethyst Class to take shelter under the tables! But it was watching a genuine news report from World War Two that brought it home to them just how terrifying being in the Blitz must have been.

In Science, we have continued learning about electricity and built on our previous knowledge to investigate how to change the speed of a motor or the pitch of a buzzer, which the children really enjoyed.

In English, we have been practising for our Star Writing, which we will be completing next week.