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How can you make a lightbulb shine more brightly?

This week, we began our Science topic of Electricity and the children got very excited when they had the valuable opportunity to explore the electrical equipment for themselves and wire up their own circuits to make things light up, move or make a sound. We looked at the internationally recognised symbols for the various components and then practised using them to accurately represent the circuits that had been made at the start of the lesson. In Maths, we have continued to learn about percentages and have moved onto changing fractions into percentages. 'Goodnight Mr Tom' has helped the children to further explore how the declaration of World War Two affected the people of Britain, and we have watched film clips and read extracts from the book to help to write a diary entry in History. Diary-writing is featuring in our English lessons too, as we prepare for the next Star Write next week, but this is based on the fabulous picture book 'Rose Blanche'. In RE, we have begun to revisit our learning from Year 1 about Judaism and extend our knowledge and thinking about what helps Jewish people to recall their beliefs on a regular basis.