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Christmas has arrived in Year 6

We began our week by using some text from Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' to practise reading comprehension skills. We looked at how to summarise a paragraph in as few words as possible by picking out the key vocabulary or words/themes that were repeated. Some children got the chance to practise this further when they read individually to an adult. We have also begun using the short Disney film 'Prep and Landing' as an exciting stimulus for writing. The children have really enjoyed the gadgets used by the elves, to ensure a smooth delivery of presents by Santa. In Maths, we have continued the Christmas theme by practising and extending coordinates in four quadrants skills - the children were asked to follow instructions to draw some Christmas images, and they had to show resilience and perseverance to succeed. In D&T, we also planned the final part of our Brazil project, by preparing for Food Technology next week - the children will be making their own empanadas! Watch this space next week for the results!‚Äč