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If you were to create a religion, what rules for living a happy and safe life would you create?

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This week in Year 5, we started our RE unit on Judaism and studied what the ten commandments are, and the type of commandments we might make if we were to create a religion. In Maths, we have been continu8ing with addition and subtraction of decimal numbers up to three decimal places. In English, we have been revising a range of grammatical elements of reading and writing, such as adverbials, imperative verbs and relative clauses; this is in preparation for the next star write which will be writing a detailed list of cohesive instructions on how to make a cake, which Lupe, in our class book, has to do! In Science, we have been researching all about the solar system including the eight planets and useful and interesting facts all about them and how they exist and move in space. In Art, we have continued with our sketching practise by experimenting with artistic techniques with space art images to complement our Science unit. Rehearsals are going really well and again cannot wait to perform for as many parents and carers as possible on 26th June starting at 9am!