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What makes a persuasive argument effective?

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This week in Year 5, we have bene working on preparing some interesting pieces of writing from the perspective of different characters in ‘The Boy in the Dress’. The writing focus is to use persuasive techniques but also to write in a way that conveys the characters they are writing as – ask your children this weekend what ways they are implementing to ensure they convey their character’s traits. In Maths, we have been looking at data handling and reading tables, the main challenge here being not the mathematics, but actually the reading and interpreting the data from a variety of different types of table – it has been making us really think and focus hard, scrutinising all data points! In DT, we have been working on how to design and prepare a ‘doodler’ product: considering design, form, function and purpose. In PE, we have been playing kwik cricket, working on our batting and bowling skills, and also how to field the ball effectively.