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How will your chapter for 'me, my dad and the end of the rainbow', end?

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This week in Year 5, as a part of world poetry day, we had an epic visit from poet and boxer, Matt Windle – the children made a tremendous rap all about Henry VIII and the Tudors – what an incredible time was had!

In English,  we have been building up to and planning writing a new chapter for the fantastic book we’ve been reading, ‘Me, My Dad and the end of the rainbow’. We’re imagining we are authors, and can continue the story ourselves. Each person in year 5 will have their very own individual and unique chapter, and they cannot wait to get writing next week. We In Science, we’ve been continuing our work on understanding different tours of friction and resistance, with fun experiments taking place too. Discus also with your children what makes certain objects, like cars or boats, streamlined? In Maths, we’ve been comparing, ordering and rounding numbers to one decimal place, think about looking at receipts and discussing the decimal numbers you find!